Tuition rates effective for the 2021-2022 school year. Effective 8-1-2021 This center reserves the right to revise this fee schedule at any time.

REGISTRATION AND SUPPLY FEE- All ages/All programs:     

$50.00 Annual Registration fee due each August (first day of new school year) also due upon enrollment of new students. This fee is non-refundable.                                                   $120.00 Annual Supply Fee (this can be divided into 3 payments of $40.00 each) Fall/September; Winter/January; and Spring/April.                                                                   10% Discount on Tuition paid for the entire school year from 1st day of school through May.

Weekly Tuition Fee: Due in advance on Friday before Monday of the attendance week.

On Tuesday, a $10.00 late fee will be added. Tuition payments must be made by Thursday morning for your child to be accepted into class. Thanks for understanding. Your child is loved at FBC CDC.

Infant to Pre-School:                                                                                                                            $135.00  6 weeks to 2 years, 5 days per week                                                                     $130.00  2 years to 4 years 5 days per week

Pre-K (must be 4 on or before Sept 1st:                                                                                $130.00  Pre-K, 5 full days                                                                                                   $100.00 Pre-K (5 half-days with lunch, must be picked up by 12:45 pm) 

School-Age Students/Bus Students:                                                                                      $75.00 Before/After school (K-12 years)                                                                               $10.00 Additional per day for early release school days                                                        $130.00 Holiday Breaks for School-age Children                                                                 $25.00 All Day (never to exceed $130.00 per week)                                                           School- Age children who are enrolled year-round also pay a $105.00 per year supply fee which may be divided into 3 payments of $35 due in August, January and April.

Summer Camp Registration Fee:  $25.00 due by April 1st. This fee is non-refundable. Exception: children who are enrolled year-round.                                                              Summer Activity Fees:   Non-refundable activity fee for summer due by April 1st                    $225 Eagles/Pre-K                                                                                                                               $175 Hawks/ School-Age Children